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Rocinha Favela Experience

ROCINHA The tours described below are performed by Favela Adventures, a recommended trusted partner from Jungle Me

Please get in touch with them to book the tour or get any more information

Contact them at: visitrocinha@gmail.com
Tel: 21-98221-5572
Facebook: “Favela Adventures”
The NGO Spin Rocinha Dj School:http://spinrocinha.jimdo.com


Favela Adventures is a small company that is operated 100% by residents in the favela of Rocinha. The company consists of five parts of sustainable tourism in the favela. They work with tourism, a dj school, volunteers, coordination of special projects and distribution of donations of school supplies to 4 different projects in the favela. Their main purpose is to educate people about their community and the great things that exist at Rocinha.

Favelatour.org and FAVELA ADVENTURES strives to empower the people of Rocinha by giving them the opportunity to run, organize and make the tours themselves. These residents who have created this company ALL reside in the favela and the income made from these tours is put directly back into the community. Fourty percent of what is earned through the tours is being saved so that they can continue to fund the DJ SCHOOL/LEADERSHIP PROGRAM. Favela Adventures is also in the process of buying a building to create a small community center.

PLEASE see tour choices below and contact Favela Adventures to book them:

1) Rocinha Visit 4 hour: A glimpse into the life of the people who live in Rocinha. This tour is for those who don't have enough time for an extended visit. Includes a visit to the Dj School and having lunch in the favela. 65BRL/person.

2) Rocinha Visit 6+ hours: This tour includes 22+ points of interest, different views of Rocinha, visit to Zezinho’s house and the NGO Dj School, Spin Rocinha, lunch in Rocinha, and more. This tour is our most popular! 75BRL/person.

3) Rocinha Visit 6+ hours + Party
This tour is the same as number 2 but also includes a Funk party. Sunday nights the Funk party goes from 12 midnight until 4am or it can go up to 6am. 110BRL/person*

4) Funk Party ONLY
Sunday nights at Rocinha Favela at Club Emoções, there's a Funk party. It starts at 12 midnight and finish around 4am or or it can go up to 6am. 55BRL/person, minimum 2 participants.

5) Paintball in the Favela
Yes, if you want to have play paintball in the favela of Rocinha, you can. This is amazing for groups of a minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 participants, as recommended. Please bring old heavy jacket and pants. Absolutely NO Flip Flops or Sandals! The paintball game takes 2 hours, considering transport to and from the paintball field, air compressor, gun and balls (100 units). 60BRL/person

6) Paintball in the Favela & Tour
You'll get a complete visit of the favela Rocinha starting at the highest part and slowly walking down until arrive at the paintball field. The paintball game takes 2h. 85BRL/person. This visit will take aprox 6 to 7 hours.

7) Football Visit
This option is a cultural exchange visit and includes playing a football game. The tour starts at the highest part of the favela, slowly walking inside the community, and includes a friendly football game with the locals. A minimum of 10 participants is required for the group tour. The tour and the game (altogether) takes aproximately 5h.
Price for Tour + Game: 80BRL/person.

8) Football Visit, Tour and Barbecue (Churrasco)
The tour starts at the highest part of the favela where the footbal game is played with the locals (takes aprox. 1h), after there's a barbecue with the team at a designated rooftop (it depends on the weather), then the tour finish walking through the favela. It´s possible to accommodate large groups as it's possible to work with 6 guides, all from the community that can facilitate this activity.
Duration: aproximately 6 to 7 hours, minimum of 8 participants.
Price: Football & Barbecue - 110BRL/person.

The alternativo option is to go in a morning tour and play football on the beach with the locals then return to the favela for a couple drinks, eating and socializing. The tour is aproximately 6 to 7 hours in length. Minimum of 5 participants. Price: Tour & Football - 80BRL/person.

9) Art & Grafitti Tour
This is a tour specific to people interested in the art scene at Rocinha Favela. There are art stalls at the top of the favela where vendors sell their work. As you walk through Rocinha you'll see the different art pieces on walls in different neighborhoods and get explanations about the graffiti crews from Rocinha. Depending on the artists availability there's the option to visit local artist Wark’s art studio. You'll also visit Casa das Artes at the bottom of the favela, a shop that sells locals artwork. This visit takes about 5h and a contribution will be made to Wark’s Studio. Price is 85BRL/person.

10) Photography Tour
This option is for the photography enthusiasts. Favelas offer many different views and interesting subjects. This visit is done with full respect of the locals. Please contact Favela Adventures if you have photography project ideas. Cost depends on the project, duration, etc. Please inform your needs.

11) Film makers Visits
Please contact Favela Adventures with your ideas and they will check if it's possible to accommodate your project. Price depends on the project. Contact Favela Adventures about your project idea.

12) Customized Visit
If you want your own specific tour of the area. This option is great for students (Sociology, Anthropology or Latin American studies majors) or for those who want a deeper comprehension or history of favelas and Rocinha. Or just those who prefer an unlimited time visit in the community. Appointments with specific people in the favela can be set up to help with students in the research projects. There is no limit of duration on this tour and it can be several days if necessary. To be eligible for this tour it's required to show current Student ID. For detailed information about this customized visits and cost, please contact Favela Adventures for details.

* Price for visit includes transport to and from Rocinha, tour experience and guide only.

Contact us at: visitrocinha@gmail.com
Tel: 21-98221-5572
Facebook: “Favela Adventures”
The NGO Spin Rocinha Dj School:http://spinrocinha.jimdo.com