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Most frequent questions and answers

Please request your cancellation by email ([email protected]). The following policy will be applied:


► 48h (2 days) before the start of the tour – refund of ALL the amount paid.
► Less than 48h (2 days) before the tour – the amount paid as a deposit fee is NOT refundable
► Less than 24h before the tour or NO SHOW – the TOTAL cost must be paid

Sleep early the night before since you are going to engage in physical activity. Eat well, drink plenty of liquids at breakfast. Never go hiking or  join the tour under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substance. Follow the recommendations of what to take and what to wear.

• Light and athletic clothes according to current weather. T-shirts and pants (in winter) or shorts (in summer), coat. In case of rain the guide will provide you a rain coat.
• Cap or hat.
• Athletic shoes with a good grip. Do not wear sandals or flip-flops.

• Water – about 2 liters
• Snacks – sandwiches, fruit, cereal bars, …
• Sunscreen and insect repellent
• Small backpack – to carry all these items and leave your hands free.

• Your mask and sanitizer to follow the Covid-19 protocol.


Sometimes tour can be done even under rain, as the trails in the rainforest are usually humid anyway. You will receive a disposable raincoat from our team. If a heavy rain compromises the security of the tour our guide will cancel it and give you the possibility to book a new tour (according to your availability of time and our availability of dates and places) or even the amount paid refunded (according to the method of payment used). In case of rain before the activity starts, we’ll contact by email (or maybe phone if you are in a hotel/hostel) about 1 hour before the pick up time to talk about it and give you instructions.

It depends on the tour. In the description of each tour you can check its duration, extent and other details. You don’t need to be an athlete nor have previous experience with hiking or trekking, but you must be physically fit and able to walk for the extent and duration of the tour. Remember that hiking and walking on trails require more fitness than a walk in a flat area. Before doing any physical activity it is necessary to make a medical evaluation. When booking the tour, participant certifies that are in good fitness and have physical conditions to perform the chosen tour/hike.

Sedentary people, people with a history of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases or any pre-existing conditions not compatible with physical outdoor activities.

• tour guide (English and Portuguese) Spanish under consult – please choose/confirm before booking it)
• transportation (round trip) from designated hotels/hostels in South Zone*
• personal accident insurance
• admission tickets (if necessary)

* When booking you will be able to choose the hotel and meeting point within the covered area.

Food, water/drinks and transportation out of the designated hotels/hostels.

If you’re not staying in any of these hostels/hostels please choose the closest to your accommodation as meeting point.

No. None of our tours include technical climbing. Our tours eventually occur on rough terrain, hiking trails. Our guides always give instructions on how to walk on rough terrain. You must be fit to perform the activity (please read the detailed description of each tour and consider the difficulty level, extension, elevation gain and duration of the hike).

Accidents in activities such as hiking and eco-tourism are very unlikely and caused by unsafe acts in general, if the participant does not follow the best practices and instructions from the guides. Following these practices and accompanied by experienced guides we mitigate risks. Still, Jungle Me provides a personal accident insurance for each one of the participants so that in case of a minor accident the medical expenses are covered until the limits stated on the insurance policy. The risks involved in hiking activities are: falling, slipping, stumbling, loss or breakage of personal belongings, physical exhaustion, falling of trees, falling of rocks and cliffs, insect bites, poisonous animals, contact with stinging plants, contact with thorns and severe weather, among other risks inherent to an outdoor activity. Such risks may cause damage or loss, small or severe. Before starting the tour each participant must sign a liability waiver saying that they are aware of such risks. The insurance described as included and provided won’t be valid and active in the case that any of my personal data (such as full name, passport number and date of birth) have been informed with mistakes or even not informed by me to the supplier company up to the day before the event. The security procedure within the trails must be the same as for the city. Our activities take place within national parks and APAs (Environmental Protected Areas), public areas where the security is under the responsibility of the State and the institutions that manage these areas. Statistics of incidents like robberies are very low, but cases have been registered so it is recommended not to carry expensive equipment, passports and valuables. Our team is highly comitted with hygiene and sanitary protocols and desinfection procedures of our vehicles and gear and also monitoring our team health to mitigate and minimize risks considering Influenza, SARs, Corona Virus and any other bacterial and viruses transmitted diseases, altough any ourdoor activity with a minimum contact with other people have risk of contagion.

Providing the personal data is required for the personal accident insurance of each participant (data is required by the insurance company and we keep those in privacy). Brazilians (or foreigners resident in Brazil) must inform the CPF number. Foreign tourists must inform passport number.

Hiking and eco-tourism are very low risk activities so children with more than 4 years old (depending on the activity) are able to participate accompanied by the parents. Parents must analyze carefully  for the description of the track (extension, time, elevation gain, etc) and it’s also very important that the child is willing to participate and capable to do it. Parents will have to sign a liability waiver stating knowledge of the risks for the activity.

You can change the meeting point/hotel and also cancel the tour until 24 hours before the beginning of the tour. Your option of tour can also be changed but it will depend on availability. Check the item below for the cancellation policy and refund.

For reservations made through our website, send an email to [email protected] and ask for the cancellation or change of meeting point. For cancellations, the amount may NOT be refunded according to the precedence of the request*

For bookings made directly to agencies, hotels desks or other tour websites ask them to arrange the cancellation. The amount paid will be refunded and according to the precedence of the request a fee may be applied*.

* The following policy is applied for cancellation:

► 48h (2 days) before the start of the tour – reverse of ALL the amount paid as a deposit fee
► Less than 48h (2 days) before the tour – the amount paid as a deposit fee is NOT refundable
► Less than 24h before the tour or NO SHOW – the TOTAL cost must be paid

You can request to change your option of tour until 18h before the starting time of the tour but please note that rearrangement depends on availability. Please email us at [email protected].

Do you still have questions? Send us a message [email protected].

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