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Quarantour | A virtual tour in Rio

A virtual tour in Rio

During the quarantine we produced a virtual tour, using Google Earth 3D and some photos. We show the main attractions in Rio and also some nature off-the-beaten tracks spots. It’s also a good way to plan your trip to Rio.

It was a way to keep focused, productive and, somehow, doing something and our company.

Tourism small business like us will take a long time to recover from the effects of the pandemic. There’s a link for donation (through PayPal). Any amount is more than welcome and will help us along this journey.

Iif you enjoy this virtual tour and choose to donate the links are below.

Come with us! And hopefully…. see you soon 😉

Any amount is welcome. Due to the exchange rate a few dollars or euros become very substantial in our local currency.

Check our blog or more information about tourism and things to do in Rio and the city oficial guide Visit.Rio.

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