Adventure & History
at Tijuca Forest

Discover the secrets of Rio's famous rainforest

Hiking at Tijuca Forest bridge

Total duration

approx. 5h

Hike details

6km (3.7mi) / approx. 3h
elev. gain: 354m (1161ft)

Difficulty level



collective: 230BRL/person
private: from 550BRL


COVID-19 Protocol


We only work with very SMALL GROUPS, with maximum 6 participants and our activities are mainly outdoors, with very low risk, even though we’ll follow these practices to mitigate any chance of contagion.

  • DAILY: temperature check (limit 37,6°C=99.6°F)
  • ON THE DAY OF THE TOUR (before meeting customers):  temperature check (limit 37,5°C = 99.5°F) AND oxygen saturation (limit 94%).

covid protocol
In case of fever or low saturation the tour guide is replaced or, if not possible, the tour canceled (you can reschedule or get a full refund).


  • temperature check (limit 37,6°C = 99.6°F)
  • oxygen saturation (limit 94%)
  • Please BRING YOUR MASK. All participants MUST WEAR IT while staying inside the car.covid19-mask-protocol
  • Cars have their internal parts cleaned with alcohol twice a day, BEFORE and AFTER each tour.
  • Windows will remain open to guarantee air circulation
  • Positioning will aim to have an EMPTY SEAT between participants that are NOT together (image below). People traveling together may seat side by side.
Layout vehicle

During the hike we’ll be outdoors and remain 2m far from any other person and you have the option to also wear a face shield* (we’ll provide) if you prefer not wearing your fabric mask.

Covid19 Protocol

*you must wear the mask OR the face shield. You can choose. The face shield we provide are reusable, made with plastic material and will be sterilized with alcohol in front of you.

Our company has both labels by the state and federal tourism authorities (‘Rio Conscious Tourism’ and ‘Responsible Tourism’).

cleand and safe covid19

The Tour

In this Tijuca Forest tour circuit, we will visit a variety of attractions in the Tijuca Forest National Park that are not well known so it has a more exclusive touch. In a walk of approximately 6 km, we will hike along trails made in 19th century, a period when this area was occupied by coffee plantations and you’ll discover and learn the history and curiosities about Tijuca National Park, the largest replanted urban forest in the world.

Along the circuit you will visit the Cascatinha Taunay (largest waterfall in the National Park), the Mayrink Chapel (built in 1850), the Cova da Onça Suspension Bridge, the Eucalyptus Forest (which houses an old slave cemetery) and the Morcego’s Grotto (largest gneiss cave in Brazil).

After this moment you will have the opportunity to cool off at the Baronesa Cascade waterfall, and then start the journey back to the starting point passing the former residence of Barão d’Escragnolle, one of the park’s manager in the past (now The Esquilos restaurant) and also the Wallace Fountain, with a sculpture representing Goodness, Charity, Sobriety and Simplicity, a gift from the English philanthropist Richard Wallace to Brazil and produced inFrance in 1870.

This circuit combines adventure, history, nature, a waterfall shower, among other things, passing through somehow hidden spots and attractions that reveal the richness and personality of Rio de Janeiro and its tropical rainforest.

This is an  MODERATE half-day hike, if you prefer a more adventurous and challenging hike (HARD full-day hiking tour) please check our other option of hike at Tijuca Forest (Tijuca Adventure Circuit). We also have a tour with NO HIKING, an eco-sightseeing activity, the Rio Eco Citytour.

1) Start time shown on the calendar below is an ESTIMATION. Pick up time depends on your meeting point. We’ll email you on the night before (08:10pm) to inform exact pick-up time for your meeting point.

2) All participants must be aware and CAPABLE FIT to perform the hike  (6km = 3.7mi / approx 3h / elev.gain 354m = 1161ft)

3) Total duration can vary due to traffic, so we DO NOT recommend to book a tour on dates with other important appointments (flights, other tours etc).

4) Required for the insurance for ALL participants: full name, date of birth and passport numbers.

5) Payment options:
• total amount online (credit card or PayPal)
• total amount in CASH to the tour guide.
• deposit fee online (130BRL/person) + balance cash (100BRL/person) to the tour guide (if you choose private, 50% deposit)

6) Transport is included from designated hotels in the South Rio. Check the chart below with the complete list (if you’re not in any of them, choose the closest option).

7) In case of RAIN and really BAD WEATHER, the tour can be rescheduled (according to yours and our availability). If we do not agree with a new date nothing will be charged.


[click for complete list of hotels/meeting points]

What to take and wear:


Requires some fitness. Hiking at Tijuca Park (about 3h) on a rising trail going up and down hill on rough terrain, inside the tropical rainforest.


Regular / collective tour (maximum 6 people)
230BRL /person
Private group (total price BRL) - exclusive car and tour guide
1 2 3 4 5 6
550BRL 750 900 1000 1100 1200
[Questions? Click for FAQs and Cancellation Policy]

🢄 230BRL / person

[when booking you agree with our terms of service]

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Check some other HARDER or EASIER options of eco-tours.

Tijuca Forest Adventure Circuit

Full-day | from 280BRL

Hike in  Tijuca Forest National Park, one of the largest urban forests in the world. An off the beaten track circuit of trails to discover its nature and history. Visit peaks, ruins, caves and waterfalls, hiking in the deep jungle, over suspension bridges and streams, in a more hidden area of Tijuca National Park. Get ready to hike and adventure yourself! [INCLUDES]: transport + tour guide + insurance, waterfall shower, Taunay Waterfall. (read)

  • Hike: HARD (9km=5.6mi) / 4 to 5h / elev. gain 651m (2135ft)
  • Total duration: approx. 8 to 9h (full-day tour)
  • Regular collective (max. 6 participants): 280BRL/person
  • Private: from 650BRL

Rio Eco Secrets
('The Eco Citytour')

Full-day | from 280BRL

Visit 7 attractions in 5 different nature parks. Discover in 1 day all the beautiful nature and lush of Rio, visiting a diverse variety of ecosystems and amazing landscapes. Tropical rainforest, secluded beaches, mountains, waterfalls, lagoons and maybe some wildlife.  (read complete description)

  • Eco-sightseeing: VERY EASY. The tour do NOT include hiking, only low impact short walks on each of the 7 attractions
  • Total duration: approx. 8h (full-day tour)
  • Regular/collective (max. 6 participants): 280BRL/person
  • Private: from 650BRL
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